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Getting your bathroom renovated doesn’t have to be daunting or over whelming, with so many different bathroom styles available now, getting the bathroom you desire doesn’t even have to cost to much. Even small ideas along the way could make a huge difference in the final outcome of how your bathroom looks.

Small bathroom renovation tips

The question I get asked most is what can we do with our small bathroom there isn’t that much space?
Well you could think about ideas like removing the bath and replacing it with either a walk in shower or even a wet room as this gives the feeling that the bathroom is more spacious.
A few other ideas include:
  • Wall hung basins and choosing a light coloured tile of a darker one.
  • You can even have things like bathroom underfloor heating fitted in small bathrooms which isn’t even that expensive.
  • Bathroom vanity sink units can also help with any extra storage issues and these come in a variety of sizes.

Simple, low maintenance bathroom designs

Another question which is being asked on a more regular basis is what bathroom designs are available which are low maintenance?
There is so many bathroom designs available that would make your bathroom low maintenance. Plastic cladding for the ceiling is a great idea as your bathroom ceiling would never need to be painted!
Other ideas  include:
  • Plastic shower panel boards for the walls which are easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe with a damp cloth plus no dirty grout lines anymore
  • To further avoid bathroom painting, you can finish off the plastic shower panels with plastic skirting which comes in lots of different styles so no more glossing.

Bathroom Help and Advice

With so many ideas, designs and products available out there now for bathrooms, getting a complete bathroom renovation should be exciting and affordable.
Phillips Wirral can help get your bathroom just the way you want it,  from planning your bathroom installation to suit your needs and requirements, to bathroom installations and fitting.
If your bathroom needs a refresh why not get it touch with our bathroom installation team?  Call us on 07470 672 175 to discuss your bathroom renovation ideas, we’re happy to help!
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