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Wet rooms

Mobility bathroom installations Wirral

Walk in showers fitted across the Wirral

Struggling with access to your shower and bath well we have the answers with everything from installing walk in showers, wet rooms and even walk in baths available there are many bathroom solutions.

With wet rooms being the number one idea as wet rooms provide such easy access when getting a shower as there is no step in or out and wet rooms provide style and elegance in any bathroom. Wet rooms can be fitted in big and small bathrooms so space is not an issue.

Wet room key points

1. Not having to step in and out of a shower tray.
2. Provides quality in any bathroom set-up.
3. Many different flooring options so even no slip flooring is available.
4. Even your shower screen has something called clean and clear which will keep it looking new for longer.
5. Could even have sit down showering.

Walk in showers

With walk in showers being a cheaper option to the wet room these are by far the most popular choice. With many different shower tray designs now available you can pretty much fit these in any bathroom set up as well now. Walk in showers can provide that ease of access needed when getting in and out of the shower due to the low profile.

Walk in shower key points

1. Ease of access.
2. Many styles available to achieve a quality look in any bathroom.
3. Easy to clean and more important easy to use.
4. Even come with hair catchers now so no more blocked shower tray wastes.
5. Half height shower screens could help if you need help showering as someone could reach over the top to help.

Walk in baths

With walk in baths coming on leaps and bounds over the past few years this is very much becoming a more popular idea again as these can provide the ease of access plus the ability to bath safely and securely. With so many different sizes and shapes available to suit your needs walk in baths can also be fitted in any sized bathroom.

Walk in bath key points

1. Easy access door.
2. Getting in and out of the bath is simple and more importantly safe.
3. Threapy baths available depending on what your needs are.
4. Slip resistant available as well.

Any questions ask our Quality bathroom installers anything as we are always glad to help.

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