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Radiators Supplied & Fitted on the Wirral

If your looking for a radiator to be fitted there could be a few different reasons you would need to do this from needing to change the radiator to just taking it off to decorate behind or even changing your radiator for a bigger one to heat the area better.

We work regularly on the Wirral and can ensure you of the highest standard of work and aftercare.

With many different types of radiator available such as convector, panel, decorative and towel radiators knowing what size radiator needed can be hard to work out plus then the fixing of the radiator to the wall can always cause a few head aches but why not give us a call and we will take the head ache away.

It may be that you just want to change a radiator to suit the style of your room well you can also go one step further with the amount of different valves available and match your valves to suit your radiator and room.

Changing your radiators from old to new can have great benefits such as heating your home or workplace much better and much more efficiently saving you money on your gas bills which we all know can be to much.

We have supplied and fitted radiators across the Wirral to many satisfied customers.

Free quotes available if you call us on 07470 672 175.

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