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Understairs toilet conversion.

Here is a couple of pictures of a downstairs toilet conversion making brilliant use of what sometimes is dead space. Although space can be tight in most cases its a must have for most people plus there is also the benefit of adding value to you home which can not be ignored.

Cost of the understairs toilet conversions can vary with things to factor in like moving electrics and maybe your gas meter, also getting your hot,cold and wastes services there can be tricky sometimes but for most its a must have.

With any home improvement project it will be important to have all the work planned out before getting started on your understairs toilet. Even in such a small space everything will need to be done in line with Building Regulations.

Sometimes getting the understairs toilet conversion can benefit most people who struggle with mobility save the daunting task of the stairs every time you need to go. Installing a toilet under the stairs will bring benefits to your home in terms of convenience and accessibility while also being able to be stylish with it.

If you would like a free no obligation quote give us a call and we would be glad to come out and measure up for what would be needed to complete the project.

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